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CCG is a Product and Data Management Leader that Can Assist Companies Stay ONE STEP AHEAD of Modern Day Threats Through Accurate Planning!

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 Digital Threat Assessment and Readiness Planning
Companies plan for "IF" a data breach will happen, today companies need to plan for "WHEN" it happens.  CCG's extensive experience in launching secure payment products has given them a "birds-eye" view of corporations and the industry view on protecting customers and brands through education and planning.   

Top Three Mistakes a Company Makes in Planning for Digital Threats: 

1.  Head in the Sand:  Lack of Senior Leader education, ownership, input and commitment for WHEN a breach can happen.  

2.  Putting all Eggs in One Basket: Relying on a technical solution, often making a major investment in something that will be obsolete in 1 year and not addressing the full picture, like how to handle processes internally to support this solution.

3.  Medicine Man:  Bringing in an outside source to sell them a solution to protect their vulnerabilities & risks.  Companies often do not create the procedures around how to support it and not developing/owning a full solution in-house.    


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